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Wish you could have a bear as a pet? Get as close as possible with 24-hour live camera feeds of a variety of exotic and domestic animals.

Thanks to Animal Planet’s new Animal Planet Live feature, you can keep your eye on kittens, bears, cockroaches, puppies, tropical fish, osprey, penguins, puffins, and more! Click here┬áto see all the cams at the bottom of the APL Live page and check out some samples by clicking on the pictures below.


Click on the picture to go directly to the Bear Cam.



The following animal “channels” also feature chats via social media or scheduled chats with experts in the field: kittens, puppies, wild birds, penguins, ants, pacific reef organisms, cows, cockroaches, chicks, and sea nettles.


Click on the picture to go directly to the Sea Nettles Cam.

  1. Sydnee (Reply) on Friday 26, 2013

    COOL!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting this:-) very cool