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Did you know that Discovery has an online news site? Lots of categories = lots of cool information, updated daily.

Here are the categories: Tech, Space, Human, Earth, History, Animals, Adventure, and Video.

Something for everyone and… even something for Shark Week. That’s right, we’re closing out Shark Week this weekend, but there will always be news about sharks and right now is no exception.

Read the latest, “Sharks vs. Dinosaurs: Deadly Encounters,” by Jennifer Viegas on the site and then explore more.

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  • Jannita August 11, 2013, 10:53 pm

    I have never thought of an underwater dinosaur. The duckbilled dinosaur looks strange to me. I guess I need to expand my thinking on these prehistoric creatures! I saw a Komodo dragon this weekend at a reptile exhibit and I wondered what it would be like to encounter 100 times his size.


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