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¬†Another lazy summer day: staring up at the sky, enjoying the outdoors, and keeping your brain ready for school by solving some word puzzles…. (As usual: in order of easier to harder, hover over the puzzle for the answer, click on the puzzle to link to Discovery Education resources.)

Answers to Tuesday Trivia

1. Olympia; 2. 774 B.C.; 3. Jesse Owens; 4. Seven

  1. Jannita (Reply) on Wednesday 21, 2013

    I smiled when I saw your first Wordle. Here in California, during this time of the year, we get some turbulent thunderstorms causing huge cumulus clouds in the east toward the mountains. If you look off toward the west, our sunsets our enhanced by the stratus and cirrus clouds. So, yesterday I saw all 3 types!

  2. Jane (Reply) on Wednesday 21, 2013

    I love wordle!!