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This week the Discovery Educator Network team had a chance to visit classrooms at W.E. Striplin Elementary School in Gadsden, Alabama.  We saw some amazing projects created by students using the Discovery Education Board Builder.

Students are creating digital boards about all sorts of topics that interest them.

Their favorite foods.  Favorite animals.  Favorite places.  Science boards about electricity.  Social Studies boards about Mt. Everest.  Boards about all sorts of things.

Principal Easley joined us in learning from the Striplin students in Mrs. Hedgspeth’s and Mrs. Glaze’s classes.  We were very impressed.  And we learned that students not only love creating boards during the school day, but they use their Discovery Education accounts at home.  Do you?

If you haven’t tried the Board Builder yet, there is no time like the present.  Start with a topic you are learning about in school or that you simply have an interest in.  Do some research in Discovery Education by finding videos, images, songs, animations and more about your topic.

Then, go the Board Builder and create a digital project to share what you learned.  It’s fun!

Choose a theme, change the background, add text, add videos, insert pictures, link out to other websites – make your board your own!  You can use whatever you want to show others what you know about your topic.  When you are finished (don’t forget to review and check your spelling), submit it to your teacher.

Maybe we’ll visit your school next to see what you and your classmates create!

  1. Grace (Reply) on Friday 27, 2013

    Yay! First Comment!

  2. kalena (Reply) on Friday 27, 2013

    i am a supporter for this event so every body should pitch in a little bit think of the kids.

  3. Delsia (Reply) on Friday 27, 2013

    They make me so proud! Thanks so much Lance!

  4. jakahzeah (Reply) on Friday 27, 2013

    so excited for my class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Noora (Reply) on Friday 27, 2013

    They’re doing great keep it up!!!

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    Cool keep it up yall