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In two weeks I’ll be back on the tundra in Churchill, Manitoba helping out our friends from Polar Bears International as we broadcast into classrooms from all around the world.  We’ll stay at the lodge (see picture to the left) and I bet it will look a lot more like winter by then.

With arctic winds roaring outside and polar bears waiting for the ice, I’m personally thankful that we get to stay up in the air a bit on a tundra buggy.  It’s quite a bit safer, don’t you think?

The polar bears do come pretty close to the tundra buggies though as you can see in the picture to the right.  They are very curious animals and have an amazing sense of smell.  On occasion, they will come extremely close to the buggy and you get some really cool pictures.

Take a look at the picture below that I took last year from the back of the tundra buggy.  Look closely.

What do you think that polar bear is thinking?  I’d love to hear your “captions” for the picture below.  Leave your creative captions in the comments section.

Just to help give you some idea of where this is, check out the short video.  The polar bear is actually coming under the tundra buggy and we’re seeing the bear through a grate on the back deck of the buggy.

  1. Destiny (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    the Polar bear is probably thinking is that a cage or a wall??????

  2. gaby (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    i think he is thinking GET ME OUT OF HERE

  3. Aniston (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    He is probably scared… but i bet he is cute…..

  4. Josiah (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    “Help me!! Get me out of here!!! I can’t get out!” That’s probably what he’s thinking.

    • Logan (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

      and hes probally like “what is this thing?!?! why cant i get through?!?! ” :D

  5. Jeanette Edelstein (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    Hey Everyone! So glad you’re posting some comments… made us realize the picture is a little hard to interpret. That adorable bear is not in a cage at all, but is walking freely and safely underneath the research buggy, just trying to satisfy some curiosity about the weird vehicle visiting the tundra. Lance is looking for a video to post so you can get a better idea of the surroundings.

  6. Josiah (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013


    • Jeanette Edelstein (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013


      • Logan (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

        Where will he post the video? Or at least when Lance finds it

        • Jeanette (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

          He’ll post it right on our blog. If he can’t dig it up before he leaves for the tundra, he’ll take fresh video next week and post that, I’m sure!

  7. Joe (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    Hey Lance

  8. Tyler (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    Bear vs. Cage who will win

    • Logan (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

      Probally cage although a black bear would have a good chance against the cage! :D

    • DuWesong (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013


      # I LOVE BEARS^_^

  9. Annabelle (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    The polar bear is probably wondering why those poor people are caged up.

  10. W (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013


  11. Priyanka (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    Bears are soooooooo cool. They might be wondering what the trailer is.


  12. Katelyne (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    WOW! I wonder what that polar bear is thinking

  13. Bob (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013


  14. idaearyah (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    he is probably looking around like where is my mommy and then like is this even home lol

  15. F (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    to be honest i feel bad for him and i hope he finds a way home b/c he is looking like \where is my mommy\ and \is this even home\ lol cute and sad st same time

  16. F (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    aww i feel so bad i did not even want to read the article did they kidnap the bear or something the picture looked so sad that i did not want to read the article

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

      I so appreciate your compassion for this bear. Don’t worry, though: this bear is free and in its natural habitat. It’s the humans in the tundra buggy that are “trapped” (though voluntarily and for safety). Definitely read the article and watch for updates from our team member, Lance, as he visits with scientists on the tundra and they update on the polar bears there.

  17. Grace (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    Hes or She is probaly thinking am I dead ? Or Why did it have to be ME ?

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

      Hi Grace. You show great capacity for empathy by imagining what the bear is thinking: “Why did it have to be ME?” Don’t worry, though, as I mentioned in the comment above, this bear has not been captured. He or she is merely wandering around the tundra buggy… being curious.

  18. Dinah (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    Awwwww!!!! The bear is soooooo cute!!! I bet he’s thinking “What the heck? All I wanted was some food, but I get a car full of PEOPLE!!! SHEESH!!!!”

  19. DuWesong (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    OMG! A bear vs. a cage of course a cage, because bears are buff and strong but a cage seriously a cage made of iron. I know right!

    # I LOVE BEARS ^_^

  20. nautica (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    what kind of title is bears and buggies and its SOOOOOOOOOO

  21. H (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    so cute the buggies are cool

  22. Shane (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    The buggy is cool. Looks like a train. The POLAR express! haha

  23. Sam (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    bears like er mah gerd wat iz dis oh god not sure if i shuld panic or keep calm :`(

  24. TRINITY (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    he is probably thinking that they are going to feed him.

  25. tessa (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013


  26. Sequoia (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    I think that animals should run free, not be stuck in a cage waiting for their next meal. It is sad that us humans are taking their homes and food for ourselves.

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

      Hi Sequoia. Thanks for your thoughts on animals in cages. Just wanted to assure you that this polar bear is not in a cage — although I can see how you would think that from the picture. The text makes it clear that he or she is roaming around free and checking out the Tundra Buggy from underneath. (Actually, the human scientists are the ones “caged” for their safety as they roam the tundra studying polar bears in the wild).

      Tune in to one of our webcasts next Tuesday or Wednesday, if you want to learn more. You can register and see the session details at this web address:

      Take care!

  27. Abbye (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    The polar bear is probably thinking,”Help me! I am very hungry! Somebody HELP!!!!!”

  28. monica (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    bears are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. monica (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    are there going to be any other articles on bears

  30. MC (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013


  31. Jeanette (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    Hi MC. Please see the post and comments above — the bear is not in a cage. He or she is roaming freely on the tundra… just underneath the tundra buggy, which has that cage-like floor in some places. Thanks for caring!

  32. Alex (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    This is a very good article at first I thought it was in a cage :D

  33. monica (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    bears are awesome but i like dolphins also

  34. Teranova (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    cool this is fun:)

  35. alyssa (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    that bear is more than likely dehdrated / very hot its a polar bear in the country like rly lol SAVE HIM/ HER

  36. Kaylee (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013


  37. alyssa (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013


  38. alyssa (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    reply if yo guys know any of these


    p.s reply with the numbers!!!!!!!!!

  39. Ashley (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

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  40. Ethan (Reply) on Tuesday 22, 2013

    wow polar bears again is it like our national animal?