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I know most of you are excited for the Doodle4Google competition next week, and I’ll remind you about it on Monday. In the meantime, I wanted to call your attention to a cool new series being developed by the team, here, at Discovery Education. My colleagues are developing tutorials for you — our student network — on a bunch of web tools and how to use them with all the DE resources you have in your accounts.

Here’s our first one — it’s on WeVideo. In the coming months, we’ll be featuring iPiccy, Blabberize, and Quicktime. If you’re not already an expert (many of you probably are), check out our short, 7-minute tutorials and get creating!

Making Stuff with Discovery Education and WeVideo — TUTORIAL

Making Stuff WeVideo


See you next week for the Doodle4Google livestream event on Wednesday, March 5th!

  1. Lilly (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    Hello Jeanette how old are you?

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

      Hi Lilly! I’m an adult — probably the same age as many of your teachers. For privacy reasons, I make it a point not to post my actual age online, though. Hope you understand. :-)

      • Lilly (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

        Yes I understand thank you!! :)

  2. Ellen (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014


  3. Cassidy (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    This is kind of confusing. What is this supposed to be?

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

      Hi Cassidy. Sorry to confuse you. My colleagues and I are just making and posting some quick, 7-8 minute tutorials on cool web tools that you can use with resources you find in your Discovery Education account and elsewhere. It’s just for fun. I hope you try some and enjoy making videos and mashing up images, etc. Let me know if you have more questions.

  4. ME (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    Um, how do you exactly develop a new creation at Discovery? :) :)

  5. ME (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014


  6. Ryan (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    Wait, so the Doodle4Google competition is done Wednesday?!

  7. Robert (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    Hey Jeanette I was thinking about entering the doodle 4 google

  8. Robert (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    :D B)

  9. A (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    This is cool. Thanks for da info :D

  10. Cat (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    Where are the tutorials gonna be?

    Please explain how to get to them.

  11. Renee (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    Jeanette! Been a long time since I’ve posted something. I have a question. How do you post a blog?
    I really want to post one, all of my friends have blogs but me, I don’t even know how to post a blog.

    • A (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

      Yes please explain…

      • Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

        Hello Renee and A! Thanks for your interest in blogging. I bet you two have a lot to blog about. There are lots of different sites that allow you to create a private or public blog. There are folks at Discovery that set this blog up for us, but I know a lot of people that have their own personal blogs. You can just do a little research online to get suggestions and tips. Depending on your age, you will need supervision and approvals from parents/guardians.

        If you are wondering more about how you might post an article on this blog, that is a great question. We are currently considering a system that would allow people to submit posts, but it may be a while before we have all the permissions worked out. Keep an eye out here, because I will announce it, if/when it becomes reality.

  12. Tenia (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    yes can you explain how to get tutorials jeanette thank you

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

      Hi Tenia! See my reply to Cat’s same question, two comments above yours. Have fun with iPiccy!

  13. Shelby (Reply) on Friday 28, 2014

    Hi, Jeanette! I see you have helped many others so I need you on this one: how do you get involved in a virtual field trip?