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It’s finally springtime! Great time to build a Board.

Did you know there are OVER 1,400 Boards in your Discovery Education account? Boards have been made by students, teachers, and the Discovery Education staff and cover everything from Paul Bunyan to slopes to polymers. Take a few moments to search your account and browse the boards available to you. You can find all the boards by leaving the search bar blank and checking “Board” under “Media Type” (see the image, above.)

Consider building your own board to share with the community. Remember, if you want to share a board, you need to submit it to your teacher and your teacher needs to approve and share it. What are you building a board about? Tell us in the Comments section.

  1. ayden (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    Cool ive built one, itll be a time filler if im bored during spring break

    • kala (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

      I have tons of those

  2. kalista (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    the atmosphere

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

      Cool, Kalista! Hope you have fun building it. Let us know if it gets shared to the DE Community and I’ll look for it.

  3. tenia (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    That’s cool i hope to see more people comment on cool things like this, this is nice to see kids thinking of great things to do with discovery education working own a board just for spring!!!!!!!!

  4. Maya (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    I made a board called “How the Earth Uses Solar Energy” for science. I like building boards a lot and I look forward to making another one!

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

      Hi Maya! I just searched for your board, but maybe it was only shared to your school or district, because I couldn’t find it. Sounds interesting, though!

  5. mea (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    i bilt one be for

  6. France (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    One of my teachers took away Board Builder so now nobody in my school can make a board. :'(

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

      Hi France. I’m so sorry to hear that. Maybe you could talk to the teacher to see if there is some sort of agreement that could be made that would allow you all to continue to use Board Builder in school.

      • France (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

        A lot of people tried that already. But that is OK we learned to live without it. LOL XD

      • London (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

        weird though

  7. shopina (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    hmmm…………. .-.

  8. C (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    Interesting. Hmm. Maybe I will try it. I don’t know though.

    • A (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

      You’re name is C?

      • Jeanette (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

        Hi “A” — I’m actually glad you asked this question of “C.” Our rules require that students only identify by first name on the blog comments and, sometimes, students write more than just their first name (or write “Anonymous,” like you did). In some of those cases, where the comment is appropriate, I shorten it to an initial. At some point, I won’t be able to change all the comments that are streaming in… so, please, everyone: Write only your first name in the comment you submit! :-)

  9. London (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    cool i need 2 try it seems raw

  10. Shelby (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    I finished one about Monterey bay sea creatures and am almost finished with my butterfly one. Hey Jeanette, I do homeschool and my mom/teacher doesn’t have a discovery education teacher account. can I still post my boards? :D :P

  11. Kala (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    That’s so cool I built one

  12. MC (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    I will like that on my account but I’m stuck on something else and I will still go to the egg the best. know im getting to hungery right know but im ok

  13. Ruby (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2014

    I’m building a board on Humpback Whales!