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DESN_TT_30MinutesDiscoveryIt’s time for the first annual 30 Minutes of Discovery. We invite you to take 30 Minutes in your Discovery Education account today to explore whatever interests you. When you’re done… tell us what you did… and get a cool certificate. [Note: if you're having trouble with the certificate, you can try clearing your cache, or you can use this direct link.]

Need some suggestions for ways to spend your 30 Minutes? Go to this page, scroll down to the “Steps,” and get some great suggestions.

I’ll be monitoring the survey of what you did and putting some of your responses in the Comments section here. Feel free to tell us what you think of this new event, too!

Ready… set… go!

  1. Kenyatta (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    My students are having trouble leaving a comment and Im unable to open the certificate. Should I send them a link to the comments section or how are they supposed to leave comments?

    • Anna (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

      Sometimes it wont let me leave a comment. Why?

      • Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

        Hi Anna. I’m not sure what’s happening on your end, but the comments are moderated, so they don’t show up immediately. As long as a comment is appropriate, it gets approved, but it can take a while for it to go through our moderation and show up here. If you’re having trouble with the computer — it won’t let you type or something like that — you can try refreshing the page. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    Hello Kenyatta. Your students can leave a comment here, on the blog, anytime. (Comments do not show up instantly, because they are moderated.) However, they should use the form on the 30 Minutes of Discovery site to “tell us what they did,” with their 30 minutes. That form can just be filled in and submitted on the site.

    Unfortunately, we ARE having some technical issues with the certificate — congratulations to your students for noting that! — but we will be sure to make it available as soon as it’s fixed, and your students will be able to access it then, or in the coming days, if they’ve moved on to another activity before it’s ready. Apologies! Thanks for participating in 30 Minutes of Discovery with us… hope your students enjoyed it!

  3. Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    Okay, trending topics / what people are exploring: earthquake simulators, games, the Mythbusters, music, Board Builder, the Middle Passage…. WHAT ARE YOU EXPLORING? Fill out the form on the 30 Minutes of Discovery page to let us know!

  4. bob (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014


    • Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

      Hi Bob. This is one of my favorite questions! There are a number of different reasons we are doing this event, 30 Minutes of Discovery. Here are the top few: 1) we think it’s important that people get time to just explore their interests (sets up good habits for life-long learning); 2) we have heard that some students aren’t aware of everything they have access to in their accounts, so we thought this would give them a chance to discover some cool new things; 3) we want students to realize that they can continue using their Discovery Education accounts outside of school (breaks, summer, etc.) and thought this would be a good way to get them psyched up to keep using parts that interest them on their own time. What do you think?

  5. M (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I liked it because the shoes where walking away.

    • Yeralis (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

      I liked it because the shoes where walking away

      • Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

        The shoes were walking away… hmmm. What did you two watch? Was it a video?

  6. Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    Wow, according to Daniela, a fourth grader from North Carolina, sea horses live up to four years and are carnivores. Makes me wonder what they eat. Learn something new every day… or every 30 minutes!

  7. Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    Hey, shout out to Asheville, NC: halfway through the day and they are the most active filler-outers of our “Tell Us What You Did” form. Go Asheville… and everyone else. (Chicopee, MA is a close second.)

  8. Carlie (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I was watching a video about Stevie jobs and I had no idea he helped the Pixar company.It was a very fun learning experience & it was only 30 minutes!

  9. Gage (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I just watched some kind of eyewitness account on the Hidenburg Crash. I liked it, but you could have some more current videos surrounding the topic.

  10. Keegan (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    Will there be a button that you push to browse for 30minutes

  11. Claire and Karah (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    We watched a video about the Hindenburg Disaster investigation, and we learned that the Hindenburg Disaster may have had multiple causes.

  12. Madison, Drew, and Shiann (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    We liked it because it was interesting and really cool.

  13. ChristinaMackenzieNatalie (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I watched a really cool Myth Busters episode. I learned many experiments that I can do at home and not do at home.

  14. MK (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I have been watching videos about black holes

  15. spencer (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I watched a mythbusters about metronomes and I learned that it is possible to sync many metronomes but a moving surface to place the metronomes is required. Also the higher amount of metronomes, the longer it will take for them to sync.

  16. Alexis, Halston, Jaimee (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    In a Mythbusters we learned that water can be used in many different ways. We also learned many things that you can and can not do at home.

  17. Colin (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I liked the snake in the mythbusters video

  18. Derek (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    This was cool.

  19. Kaushali and Samantha (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    We watched a video about the Hindenburg Disaster. It was very interesting to hear what other people thought about it and that even today no one knows exactly what happened.

  20. Emily (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    Mythbusters are always fun. The video I watched was very interesting!!

  21. Youngju (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I watched a very interesting Mythbusters video. I learned a lot of helpful facts to stay safe during a lightning. You should never shower or use the telephone during a lightning.

  22. Max (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I loved the video I watched!I learned that a humid baseball can’t be hit as far as a dry ball,and that in Denver,it is harder to get good movement on a breaking pitch.

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

      Hi Max. Colorado Rockies games are always fun to watch, because they’re usually high scoring. I always thought it was the altitude but, according to what you learned today, it’s also about the low level of humidity. Thanks.

  23. Ana (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I just watched focusing sunlight on MythBusters- The President’s Challenge. I adored it because the video was very mind-grabbing and you would never know what would happen next.

  24. Margaret (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    I learned that Native Americans are mostly descendants of people from the time of the ice age who took a land bridge to North America .

  25. Ryland (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    Learned that when you go in space for a long time and come back to earth you will have joint pain.

  26. Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    Update: Interesting Topics Trending
    Students all over the globe are participating in 30 Minutes of Discovery along with you and here are some of the most interesting topics I’m seeing coming across the “Tell Us What You Did” lines: sharks (of course!), Scotland, earthquakes (still), Greek gods and goddesses, how to get rid of skunk stink, the NBA… and on and on. What are you learning about with your 30 Minutes? Let us know on the 30 Minutes of Discovery page (link in original post).

  27. jayquan (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    wish there was more map quizzing games but i still had a good time!

  28. TU (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    i wish the games would work on this computer. and more map quizes ♠○◘•♦☺♣☻♥

  29. Paul (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    The games was very fun! Very neat :D!

  30. Elizabeth (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    i was exploring “fishy fractions”. it was really fun.i also made a new board called “something fishy”

  31. Clair (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

    Im into sharks and watched a 45 minute video of them, i also like reading and watched some reading vidoes, i like socail studies but i havent done anything on that yet. instead of being on for 30 minutes i was on for 6 hours! i love learning!

    • Jeanette (Reply) on Friday 16, 2014

      Hi Clair! So glad you enjoyed your 30 minutes and extended it into 360 minutes! Learning loves you back. :-)