Summer Series Fridays: Make a Board!

Summer Series SpeedEvery Friday, during the DSN Summer Series, you’re invited to create a board in Board Builder to demonstrate what you discovered and made during the week. As you probably know, you can make your boards pretty creative, using different backgrounds, fonts, foregrounds, and more. You can upload your own content and search for and upload existing content.

Did you find a new favorite painting during the ART week? You can put it on your board. Did you create a hilarious Blabberize of Picasso, Kahlo, or Van Gogh? Put it on the board!

This is a sneak peek at next week’s activities. Notice… horse racing, hockey, animations, and video. Topic: SPEED. ———–>




Need a quick refresher on Board Builder? Here’s a SHORT tutorial — seriously: it’s 4 minutes! Check it out and get to Board Build-ing today.

Click on the image to watch tutorial

Click on the image to watch tutorial



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  • Lola June 6, 2014, 5:54 pm

    When you leave a comment, why do you have to do a security check at the bottom?

  • Jeanette June 6, 2014, 7:12 pm

    Hi Lola. Do you mean the captcha code? It’s just to be sure that you’re a real person reading the blog and not some internet robot, visiting blogs and leaving spam comments. (By the way, I just heard a cool radio interview about how captcha codes are being used to help get books scanned properly for digital libraries — like, they use the people interpreting captcha codes to help the computer interpret what might be fuzzy or wrinkled print from a paper book. Pretty great idea!)


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