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Summer Series: Week 4 -- UNDERWATER WORLDS

Summer Series: Week 4 — UNDERWATER WORLDS


It’s officially summer, now, with the passing of the Summer Solstice on June 21. At Discovery Education, we’ve been celebrating summer for a few weeks with the Discovery Student Network Summer Series. This week’s activities can be found on theĀ UNDERWATER WORLDS Board. Your activities will include amazing information about a little shrimp with “super-shrimpan” strength; a virtual visit to Sanibel Island, Florida; everyone’s favorite, The Magic School Bus; and aquarium making. Have fun!

  1. Sueshane (Reply) on Monday 23, 2014

    I didn’t know that there was a shrimp called the mantis shrimp and that they can break a glass when they swim. But that something new i learned today.

  2. malik (Reply) on Monday 23, 2014

    wow! how can a mantis shrimp cause that much problems? i wonder how much shrimp families are there in the ocean?

  3. Walt (Reply) on Monday 23, 2014

    The pigmy shrimp is incredibly similar to its surroundings. I’m going to explore a little more to see how this occurs

  4. Walt (Reply) on Monday 23, 2014

    The pigmy SEAHORSE is what I meant to comment on, and I have found that it is born with that pink, bumpy appearance like its habitat