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Hard to believe┬áthat┬ásummer is almost over! Some of you may already be back in school, but there’s still time to travel. Even if you only travel to you own backyard, local playground, or the library, the world awaits! This week’s Summer Series: Travel board shows you ways you can travel right within your Discovery Education account. The world is your oyster… go out (or stay in your account) and explore.

  1. Jaiden (Reply) on Monday 11, 2014

    Why was Martha Washington’s face on the $ 100,000???? And I’m not saying she shouldn’t. Just wondering!!!

  2. Alana (Reply) on Monday 11, 2014

    I went to Chicago tis summer and it wasn’t really fun. I didn’t get to do anything except take pictures of things from the car. I guess you could call it “cite seeing” but it was nothing like the real thing.