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Summer Series: Money


It’s our last week of the DSN Summer Series and this week we’re learning about money! Inspired by summer tourists at the U.S. Mint, we decided to deliver some amazing information and inspiration to you via the Summer Series: Money board. Whether you earned some with a summer job or just want to find out whether the government replaces damaged cash, this is the board for you. Have a great time heading back to school!

  1. Braeden (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014

    This economics lesson very interesting, but a question everyone should ask is how does the american dollar compare to urban money?

    • Morrin (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014

      how do i read it??????

      • Jeanette (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014

        Hi Morrin! Happy to help — what are you trying to read?

        • Morrin (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014

          The blog week twelve. Its about money. It is too small to read

          • Jeanette on Monday 18, 2014

            Ahh, I see. If you click on the tiny post image (or the link in the text), you will be taken to the actual blog, which will be normal size. Enjoy!

          • Morrin on Monday 18, 2014

            Thank you. It was very interesting. Did you write it? I enjoyed it.

          • Jeanette on Monday 18, 2014

            Thanks, Morrin. I did write it. So glad you enjoyed it. Check out our other Summer Series boards, if you liked that one. They all follow the same format. Just search for “Summer Series” in your search bar and they’ll all pop up. Have a great day.

          • Morrin on Monday 18, 2014

            Thank you for helping me.

  2. ACB (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014

    Cool! I never knew a lady was on a dollar bill.

  3. Makayla (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014


    • keira (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014


  4. Amilee (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014

    why was a lady on a dollar bill? i thought it was always the presidents

  5. AM (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014

    Do not know what I am doing

  6. Shokobieuna (Reply) on Monday 18, 2014

    I Dont get it Lol