MyDE for Students: Digital Exploration

Log into using your student username and password.
Explore the new MyDE for Students using the activities below. Leave us a Comment!

• Theme Your MyDE for Students!
• Find the Choose a Theme bar on the Welcome page.
• Click through all the themes to see your background change.
• Pick your favorite and select it.
• Watch this area for updates from DE over the next few months.

• Were you already completing assignments through Student Center? Congratulations.
• Look at your list of teachers and figure out the percentage of them currently using the Assignment feature of DE.
• Consider your Type column and create a pie chart to represent your assignment types.
• Toggle back and forth between List and Calendar view — decide which is your favorite and select it.

• In addition to your DE services, My Favorites and Board Builder are located here.
• Go to the search bar at the top of the page and find something you can add to My Favorites today.
• Open Board Builder and create a simple board about your favorite ways to spend a Saturday.
• Locate the other area on the page that has button shortcuts to My Favorites and Board Builder.

• This page will link you to the Discovery Student Network Blog, where you can read past posts and comment on thecontent there.
• Pick your favorite article on the page and select Read More to link to the rest of the content and the DSN blog.
• Once on the blog, find all the articles written by students and read them.
• Pick one article and leave a comment in the Comments section. (Use your initials, school, and state to sign yourcomment.)

• You’ll find all sorts of things here: games, interactives, and virtual labs.
• Pick a Game for a grade lower than your own to build up your confidence — play it out!
• Try a Game that you wouldn’t otherwise pick and see if you’re surprised.
• Okay, now play the Game you really want to play.

• Check out all the Challenges that are currently open to students — some of them have prizes!
• Read about the Challenges at your grade level.
• Pick the Challenge that interests you the most and take a step towards completing it: gather a team, register yourself,
or start thinking about some issues that you’d address.