“Where Is My Comment?” Guidelines for Commenting

We have some amazing conversations going on within the Discovery Student Network, and lots of you have written great comments on our posts. It helps us to know what interests you, what gets you riled up, and what leaves you with questions. So, keep commenting!

If you’ve commented on a post and didn’t see the comment pop up on our blog page, there is a reason. Our comments are moderated — which means there is actually a live person reading every comment and deciding whether or not to post it.

We will not post comments with inappropriate language, and we will not post comments that are mean or rude.

Guidelines for Commenting

1. Be nice — this covers almost everything and we’re tempted to have this be our only guideline; remember, a real person wrote the post or comment you are replying to, and a real person is reading your comments. Real people have feelings.

2. Consider spelling, grammar, and punctuation — we don’t expect everything to be perfect, but you are making a comment to a HUGE audience, so take a moment to try to make it correct.

3. Consider abbreviations/text-speak — certain shortcuts that you might use when you text will not be approved, because they stand for inappropriate language: I’m talking to you “lm*o.” Think about what the abbreviations stand for and choose a different one, if necessary, or just take the time to write out the whole words.

4. Help each other out — if you’re reading the comments, you’ll sometimes see questions posted by other students. Feel free to post answers back to them, if you think you can be helpful!

Happy Commenting!