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Day of Discovery a Hit in Grand Rapids Michigan


One hundred educators from around Michigan gathered at the Kent Intermediate School District on Thursday, April 11, 2012 for a Day of Discovery with Discovery Education.  We were joined by Max Brooks, Patti Duncan, Cindy Lane, Chris Prout and Jason Altman (virtually) of Discovery to lead us on this day of learning.

Topics covered included:

  • Data Driven Instruction in a Common Core Classroom
  • Oh, Discovery! How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!
  • The Digital Classroom – Differentiating Instruction With Your Digital Tools
  • Stand Back!! We’re Using Discovery Education’s Science Techbook.
  • Data the Make U :0): Check for Understanding Using Discovery Education Games
  • Differentiation for EVERY Student with Discovery Education Builder Tools
  • Living in a Web 2.0 World
  • Digital Storytelling: Free and Easy Ways to Get Started With Your Students
  • 25 Free Resources from Discovery Education
There was an exciting energy level evident when presenters were demonstrating videos, tools, and other resources.  Ron Houtman of the Kent ISD started us with a Myth Busters video to test whether or not a vehicle could go fast enough with square wheels to create a smooth ride.  That got our attention!  If the other attendees were like me, they also wanted to view more segments.  I am certain that many of the folks here will be heading home to check out more of those segments.

I was quite surprised to meet many educators that were fairly new to Discovery Education resources.  Many are aware that their district provides Discovery resources for teaching and learning.  Some, however, are just now getting some exposure to, and training with, those resources.

Even in my own district, I believe that our Discovery Education subscription is underutilized.  I will take ownership of that.  As our district technology leader, it is my responsibility to provide the resources, but also the lead in implementation of those resource.  My excitement for Discovery products has not yet transferred over to our staff.  This event has given me a renewed energy and enthusiasm for Discovery.  This will spur me to be a better leader with our staff to use this fantastic resource.

Thank you to Discovery Education for providing another valuable learning experience for educators!