Using VoiceThread and the DE Builder

Posted on DE Media Share by Mike Bryant. A great lesson! Thanks Mike!

50 Ways to Use DE Streaming… and BEYOND!

We had a wonderful Day of Discovery in Charlotte this past weekend.  I shared my presentation… 50 Ways and Beyond.  This “50 Ways” was designed specifically for a district that has different levels of technology available.  We took a closer look at some of the other assets available in DE Streaming like the images, songs, sound effects, audio files, and speeches.  Thank you to the teachers of CMS who shared their day with us and went home excited about trying new things in their classrooms!   50 Ways and Beyond… CMS 

Jason Ohler’s Keynote At PETE & C DEN Precon

Call for Submissions: My First Year in the Classroom

Sent to me from someone in my yahoogroup…

I bet some of you who I have met lately could write some really exciting entries…


to be published by Adams Media (

I am looking for fifty true, inspiring stories by teachers remembering their first year in the

Stories should run between 850 and 1000 words, and will be organized along the lines of the school
calendar, illustrating the learning curve experienced by new teachers.

– Facing the first day
– Meeting the students
– Surprising the students
– Bonding with faculty and staff
– Being surprised by the students
– Watching the students bloom
– Saying good-bye

From the hilariously obsessive/compulsive pre-class preparation of a rookie English professor to the
poignant lesson one stalwart third grader and his peers teach their novice teacher about love and
acceptance, this moving collection is sure to inspire new and veteran teachers alike.

Stories should be emailed (inserted as a text file into the email or attached as a rich text file) to:

with the word “Submission” somewhere in the subject line.  Please remember to include your full name
and contact information both in your email and the story (if attached).

Writers will receive $100 for each accepted story as well as a complimentary copy of the anthology.

I look forward to reading your submission.

Stephen D. Rogers, Editor

DEADLINE:  September 30, 2008

Reading in the Science Class

Just sharing some links that a Middle School Science Teacher forwarded to me.  The subject was “Reading in the Science Class”

Teachers Source Catalog (this one is AWESOME..step by step) (another great one)
Florida Online Reading Strategies (also check out the audio interviews & reading reminders on the right panel)
Reading Strategies for Special Ed Children
Reading Rockets
Reading Strategy Index
Journey North

Thanks Eboni!

DEN Regional Institute August 2, 2008

Here is a link for all of the resources shared at the DEN Regional Institute.  Thanks Jen Dorman!

THE BEST Boom De Yadda! Check it out!

Some Links to Share

Here is a collection of links that were shared last week at the DEN NI.  They will be moved to a sidebar later this week.  Enjoy exploring!

Boomwhacker Kick Off Genny Genny Patti Duncan Patti Duncan
Alice and Stephanie Suzanne Suzanne Dennis Grice and Diane Zoellmer Selena Ward
snipurl meg griffin Linda Rush Bobbi Gurney Dani
Cafe Press Andy (
Interactive Timeline Dipity Ken
Befunky Ken Deb Maupin Kim Smith (Sorry, I did not present the resource. Awesome interactive & FREE site to inform. engage primary-teen students.)

Are you a “Plurkster” or a “Twit”?

I have recently joined two social network site and am totally hooked. and are two really cool places to “hang out”.   In both cases, you are limited to 140 characters to answer the question “what are you doing?”  The networking is unbelievable!  I belong to several listserves, have a myspace and a facebook… but I have never experienced anything as cool as these two new tools.  They are quick and fun and a great way to network and share ideas, resources and just keeping in touch.  The current debate is about which is better… most folks I know started out with Twitter and then joined Plurk.  Most love the threaded conversations that Plurk provides… but are loyal to their “networks” and communities that they have formed on Twitter.  With tools like and you can post your update once and send it to both!  Easy!  Either way, a “plurkster” or a “twit” or both… it is the great new way to communicate!  (It also works as a really great procrastination tool!)

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