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Posted by Elizabeth Charlton on 10 November, 2009

I went to a conference and learned about some new websites…some looked better than others, but here is my list!

  • Sharetabs–gives you a chance to save your bookmarks online so that you have access to them when you are not on that computer.
  • Wallwisher–like a parking lot you see at conferences…not sure I would ever use this…
  • SlideShare–can upload your ppts and can share and look at other’s ppts they have created.
  • SimplyBox–another public bookmarking site. You see a snapshot of the site and you can make comments to remind you of what you liked or whatever
  • Livebinder–create online folder with all kinds of things–can use images, text, etc…could use as digital portfolio for kids? Joanna for things she does?
  • Kwout–takes screen shots and you can embed them in wikis etc and gives you the embed code so image can be hyperlinked.
  • Evernote–a place for you to take screenshots, images etc and tag them
  • Skitch–screenshot helper for macs only
  • Jing–the best idea anywhere! It captures screens including pictures AND video! Want to use videos on you tube in the classroom? Capture them at home and then play them at school! I have loved the Jing project for a while…
  • Open Goo–wrote it down…dont’ remember!
  • DimDim–cool meeting site where multiple people can log on and share interactive whiteboard kind of thing, everyone can draw on it
  • Wordle is also a website that does some cool stuff by making the most common words (other than most small ones) the largest, so kids can see patterns in their work. ¬†Also the final product looks like art! Pretty cool!