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Jul 24

Title: Progression of the Numa Numa YouTube Description: Students learn how a simple music video released by a Former-Russian-Province Boy Band can generate a global exchange of ideas in the form of YouTube Videos. 2003 – Eastern European Band O-Zone releases a song titled “Dragostea din Tei” YouTube link (2003 link removed for licensing purposes) : […]

Jul 24

In Wired Magazine July 2008 issue, in an article called “The Darkest Knight” Christopher Nolan wanted to latest Batman sequel a realistic feel with as little digital effects as possible. So far the movie is shattering box office records. So is less digital technology better is some cases? As a Computer Programming teacher, life is good […]

Jul 23

There was thought-provoking article in Wired Magazine July 2008 titled “The End of Science” and discussed how the massive amounts of data is replacing the need for hypothesis, modeling, and testing. Sensors and Web Databases are stored on almost infinite amounts of storage and can be accessed worldwide. Malick View: If you feel that there […]