Geocaching Day 2009

geocachingOn May 30, 2009 hosted our first-ever DEN Geocaching Day!  Every STAR Discovery Educator was encouraged to venture out with some colleagues and have some fun geocaching.

Groups of DEN Guides (experienced geocachers) agreed to host events in their areas and others went off on their own individually.

We also released into the wild 30 Discovery Educator Network Travel Bugs!  These bugs have been charged with Discovery themed challenges that will be done as they make their way back to our headquarters in Silver Spring in time for next year’s event!

Want to track their progress?  We’re adding badges for each of them below.  Click on the image for any of the bugs to see where it has been and where it is now!  If there’s one near you, grab it yourself and help it along on it’s journey.

Ooraminna Bush Camp in the Australian Outback
DEN Guide: Jennifer Jensen
Evergreen, CO
DEN Guide: Angie Wulff

Washington, D.C.
DEN Guide: Enrique Seale

Lake Wales, FL
DEN Guide: Cathy Hammel

Orlando/Kissimmee, FL
DEN Guide: Debbie Bohanan

Palm Bay, FL
DEN Guide:  Sally White

Palm Beach, FL
DEN Guide: Dawn DeWitt

Cedar Rapids, IA
DEN Guide: Jane Suiter

Chicago, IL
DEN Guide: Steve Dembo

Wichita, KS
DEN Guide: Jim Clark

Lafayette, LA
DEN Guide: Louise Prejean

New Orleans, LA
DEN Guide: Paula Naugle

Elkton, MD
DEN Guide: Peggy Wood

Ocean City, MD
DEN Guide: Chris Cuppett

Battle Creek/Kalamazoo, MI
DEN Guide: John Phillips

Commerce/Highland, MI
DEN Guide: Pam Shoemaker

Kansas City, MO
DEN Guide: Amy Cordova

Asheville, NC
DEN Guide: Conni Mulligan

Kinston, NC
DEN Guide: Lee Yahnker

Portland, OR
DEN Guide: Jennifer Gingerich

Allentown, PA
DEN Guides: Jennifer Brinson and RJ Stangherlin

Connellsville, PA
DEN Guide: Linda Michael

Honesdale, PA
DEN Guide: Lori Sheldon

Lancaster, PA
DEN Guide: Sue Allen
Mechanicsburg, PA
DEN Guide: Lance Rougeux

Pittsburgh, PA
DEN Guide: Bridget Belardi

Columbia, SC
DEN Guide: Donna Teuber

Angleton-Brazosport-West Columbia, TX
DEN Guide: Shirley Phillips

Pearland-Alvin-Friendswood-Manvel, TX
DEN Guide: Mark Dunk

LaConner, WA
DEN Guide: Martha Thornburgh

This was the list of people that pre-registered to participate in the day!
View the full spreadsheet

Other geocaching resources:

Geocaching Presentation from Jim Clark


  1. Deb Thomson said:

    This sounds like a lot of fun. I hope we can get a group going in the Chicagoland area.

  2. Dawn DeWitt said:

    Lets find some caches in Palm Beach County! Sounds like a great day outdoors.

  3. Dawn DeWitt said:

    My goal for our group is to find at least three different types of caches; either small, medium, large or easy, difficult or virtual. It would be cool to find one with a travel bug or travel coin. Come join us for an afternoon of fun and sun!

  4. Deb Elmore said:

    If anyone in the Charlotte, NC area (within 15-30 miles of Belmont)is interested, please let me know. I would like to possibly join up for this adventure.

  5. Tom Turner said:

    Just added my name. There are several types of caches in the area, along with a geobug cache that is up by the interstate that is solely there to allow you to get geobugs/travelbugs to send out and about.

  6. Debbie Bohanan said:

    Bohanan and Turner are teaming up for the Geocaching Day. We will be joining our Osceola and Polk County teachers at the Environmental Center’s Swamp Site in southern Osceola County off Poinciana Blvd. at 10:00 to start the adventure. Pictures will follow on the Florida blog. Happy Geocaching Day!

  7. Dawn DeWitt said:

    We had a 100% great time and a 50% rate of finding the caches. We came out 3 for 6. We searched high and low, used the clues and directions and still could not find three of the caches. We did not take any “swag”, but we did leave something in each of the caches. We did not launch our travel bug today…we think we found a suitable cache in which to do so, but it was a long way from where we were when we finished. We will probably go back there to launch it. We are considering calling it Cache Busters! Hope that name is not taken! Thanks for lunch Discovery Education. There were nine adventurers on this geocaching team and we had seven of them at lunch. We had a great time.
    Well, I am off on my second event for the day to be followed by yet a third event this evening! No rest for the adventurous!

  8. Marie Coleman said:

    Our geocaching was ‘washed out’ with torrential rains….and no, we were not adventurous enough to don our ‘slickers’ and search with the ducks! 🙁

  9. Chris Cuppett said:

    We had a fabulous day of geocaching in Ocean City, Maryland today. The weather was perfect and the company was awesome. We had 11 folks show up. We split into 3 groups. Our cachers had 19 caches to choose from on the map that we gave them. This next stat is the one that’s kinda hard to believe. As a whole, the 3 teams went 30 for 30 on finds today… We found every cache that we looked for. The winning team found 14. I’ve never had such a successful day geocaching. Lunch at Panera was fabulous and everyone loved their prizes. This was so much fun. I really do hope this becomes a yearly event. Our peeps were ready to head out again next weekend….:) Thanks so much Lance for putting on such a great day!!!

  10. Cathy Hammel said:

    The day of Geo Caching was a lot of fun. There were 3 of us. This was my first time and won’t be my last. We searched for 4 caches and found all of them. Planted the DEN travel bug and looking forward to it’s travels.

  11. Joe Oliphant said:

    The Pittsburgh caching crew had a perfect 6 for 6. One of two very challenging finds. Thanks so much to Bridget for meeting us downtown and coordinating this. I actually brought 2 of my students. They had a blast.

  12. Lee said:

    Our adventure was the First Battle of Kinston Tour which consisted of 12 new caches and a history lesson at each stop. Approximately 25 cachers started the day at Golden Corral for breakfast and some general geocaching hints. The travel bug was launched at the 3rd stop on the tour. After a long morning of caching we finished up at Subway. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the nice prizes and lunch. Thank you from Eastern North Carolina.
    Pictures of our day will be coming soon.

  13. Bridget Belardi said:

    It was perfect caching weather in Pittsburgh yesterday. We found 5 urban caches successfully and had a great time! Thanks to everyone who made the day come together.

  14. Peggy Wood said:

    The Elkton, MD crew had a great time caching in the Fair Hill Natural Resources Area. 5 DEN teachers (and a few of their children) hunted down 5 out of 6 caches. We bailed on the last one which would have taken us across a “tick-infested” field of waist high grass. The travel bug was placed in the 3rd of our 5 caches and will hopefully start moving soon. Thanks to Discovery for a great day caching. I do believe we have converted a few “muggles”!
    We posted pictures from our day on the Travel bug page

  15. Linda Michael said:

    Great day geocaching with everyone. We found two multi-caches and I launched my Discovery-themed, “Deadliest Catch” cache, which everyone had to find. I put the travel bug in it and it was picked up by “Mooman” on Sunday. I didn’t even publish the cache on the site until late Saturday night. Also, 6 other geocachers found my Deadliest Catch cache since then. How exciting! Everyone had fun and I think I got some people hooked like me.
    I’ll post pictures soon.

  16. Sue Allen said:

    Beautiful weather for geocaching in Lancaster, PA. Our group was small but mighty. We located 11 caches and found 1 that appeared to be muggled. We released two travel bugs in addition to the DEN travel bug. The DEN travel bug has already traveled from PA to NJ in less than three days!

  17. Jennifer Gingerich said:

    We had a great day and found four caches. I used my iPhone Aeocaching App for the first time. So simple, easy – whenever, wherever – nod need to even plan ahead. Loved it! Waiting for our travel bug to travel 🙂

  18. Shirley Phillips said:

    All eight cachers had a great time at the Geocaching Day. I hope it becomes a yearly event. One was even texting her husband during class to see if their GPS was working. The next day her family went out and found three caches. She is hooked. Thanks for lunch and the door prizes.

  19. Martha Thornburgh said:

    We had a great time in Mount Vernon/ LaConner, WA with lots of new cachers. Several of the teachers have already gone out to find more caches and they can’t wait until our next event.

  20. Angie Wulff said:

    Beautiful day! Small group, but we had a great time. Found some uniques caches and released our bug near a recycle theme. Hopfully, she will travel far and wide. Thanks DEN!

  21. Denise said:

    What an awesome idea! I somehow managed to miss this. Is it announced on, or is there someplace to register to receive information about the next one? Kudos to the people who dreamed this up – thanks!

  22. Breanne said:

    My students would really enjoy tracking these travel bugs! What a wonderful idea!

  23. Maggie said:

    What a great, active way to combine learning, physical activity and fun. I wonder if it’s possible to simulate the experience online with Google Earth or maps? It’s difficult to get a manageable number of students out on a field trip like the ones described above. I realize the experience would be completely different but it seems worth a try.

  24. Cathy said:

    I teach special education and want to get my students involved in geocaching. How can I do this? My kids and their father go almost everyweek end and it looks really interesting. I have been to the geocaching site and there are alot of caches in my area. Any pointers?

  25. Trina Springer said:

    Would love to get involved in this, but how? I’ve been teaching with the GPS marking waypoints and finding and have done one cache search…on the play ground…

  26. Force One said:

    Beautiful weather for geocaching in Lancaster, PA. Our group was small but mighty. We located 11 caches and found 1 that appeared to be muggled. We released two travel bugs in addition to the DEN travel bug. The DEN travel bug has already traveled from PA to NJ in less than three days!