Word of the Day: Astonished

November 21, 2012

24 hours ago, I was preparing for the Kimbell Event. Two teachers who had planned to attend had to cancel: one teacher’s father had a heart attack on Monday and she was on her way to Oklahoma to be with him; the other teacher had unexpected family pop in on her. I nearly cancelled for the same reason: I had unexpected family pop in for a visit but I was able to foist them off on others so I could host the event. Who would show up?

I was astonished by who showed up: a teacher from California.

As it turns out, only one other teacher came but what a story! Lora was not in any way connected with DEN. Instead, she is the distant relative of a friend who had heard about my event through Facebook. Lora is from San Francisco and on her way to visit family in the Northeast. Her flight was cancelled, rerouted, etc. and she found herself stranded for the day in DFW. She asked for ideas of stuff to do on Facebook to while away the time and someone pointed her in my direction at the Kimbell. Thus, we met.

Lora doesn’t use Discovery; she’s not even sure they have it available at her school but she’s going to ask. We spent the afternoon talking about school, Discovery, lesson planning and curriculum, art, and how to use art in the classroom. We ended up visiting both the Kimbell and the FW Museum of Modern Art. We both found art we thought we could use in the classroom. We both had ideas for lesson plans by the time we left.

She asked for information about DEN, which I was able to supply. I’m hoping she left as inspired by me as I was by her.

Even though it was just the two of us, I’m glad I didn’t skip the event. I feel I made a very important contact… and perhaps a new friend.

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