Where Are They?

January 16, 2013

“Ms. G., you notice how the missing students are all girls and all on the basketball team?”

I looked around the classroom. This was normally my fullest class but it was missing about a quarter of the students.

“Huh,” I mused aloud. “Well, Daniel and Michaela both have the flu which leaves Erin, Deb, and Desiree still missing. Are they all on the basketball team?”

“Yeah, but only Desiree is any good. The rest are second string.”

“Well, maybe something’s going on with the coaches and they’re keeping the team late.”

I continued with the lesson, getting the class started on their projects.

As the class worked on their One-Pager projects, I returned to my desk to take attendance. Pulling up my computer, I saw that I had e-mail with Erin, Deb, and Desiree as subject headers. All three had been suspended.

During lunch, I headed up to the front office to find out what had happened to my girls. I had received two more e-mail regarding suspended girls.

“What’s going on with all my girls?” I asked the clerk.

“Did you hear about yesterday’s fight?” she responded.


“Well, some girls decided to fight in the girls’ locker room. Desiree, rather than telling the coaches, decided to record the fight on her iPhone. The rest of them uploaded the video to Youtube and sent the video to their friends. They didn’t check the background and some of the girls in the background weren’t all the way dressed. The administrators are trying to get all the video destroyed before it goes any further.”

“When did this happen?”


I wonder how far the video has spread in 24 hours. I wonder if we’re going to be a news story anytime soon.

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