Heart Break #2

October 21, 2013

“I need to see you, please.”

I hesitate. I’m passing out tests. Couldn’t the assistant principal come by later?

He motions, again.

I ask the students to sharpen their pencils while I go to the door.

“I need you to read this.”

He hands me a paper. At the top are the words “Pending Alternative Education Placement.” Underneath is the explanation: Weapons – Possession.

My heart sinks and breaks.

Two days ago, I heard from this same student, “Miss. I’m new to your class.Where do I sit?”

I motioned him over to the only empty seat in the classroom. My room is stuffed with 32 desks. He’s just filled the last seat.

Fortunately, the day’s assignment was a prewrite. As I look over his work, I realize he’s a pretty good writer. He’s got good ideas although atrocious spelling.

He was absent yesterday.

Word all over the teacher’s lounge at lunch was that a student had to be taken down by the officers. Someone reported that a 6th grader had spotted an unknown student being hauled off in handcuffs into a police car.

I think, now, I know who that student was. I wish I didn’t.

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