Red Ribbon Week

November 24, 2013

Red Ribbon Week began back in the 80s with the “Just Say ‘No’ to Drugs” campaign. ┬áPTA sponsors the themes and week. Students learn the dangerous effects of drugs and wear silly outfits to silly themes like “Tie One On for Drugs” where everyone wore a necktie.

I had just finished the dangers of marijuana PowerPoint when I turned to face my class. This was the point I always dreaded.

“Does anyone have any questions?”

A tall girl in the second row shyly raised her hand, then quickly jerked it down, before raising it again with more confidence.

I motioned to her to ask away.

“I’ve heard of the word before but what is marijuana?”

There is such innocence in that question and I rejoice that I have a thirteen-year old who doesn’t know what marijuana is.

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