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December 18, 2013

I have tried keeping book journals before to keep track of my reading. It’s never worked out. ¬†For one thing, I read several books at once. I even keep books in my car for when I’m waiting in line. For another, I read for different purposes. I read to keep up with what is in vogue among my students. I read professional books. i read for research. I read for pleasure. I simply could not keep track of my reading in a paper journal.

Then I discovered GoodReads. In addition to keeping track of my books for me, I can participate in discussions about books. My book club is active on GoodReads; our book club readings are kept up-to-date and I can look ahead to future readings. I have even won free books on GoodReads.

i love the GoodReads app. I can scan the barcode or enter the ISBN to keep track of the exact¬†edition. I can easily categorie a book on my “bookshelf” and I get to create my bookshelves according to my particular needs.

GoodReads is my favorite book journal.

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