January 18, 2014

While I enjoy looking at infographics, often the font is too small for me to make any sense of them. (I have severe vision problems.)

A friend published this one on her Facebook page. As usual, I have some issues.

I often disagree with InfoGraphics such as this one.

Working Hard

  • I don’t earn $49,000 a year despite 15+ years of teaching experience.
  • I’m on campus at 7:15AM and I usually leave at 5:30PM. (I’m officially on the clock from 8:15AM-4:30PM.)
  • I spend approximately 21 days of the year in training outside of school hours.
  • There are days, such as Wednesday and Thursday of this past week, when I’m in training during the school day. Each day that my class require a substitute in the classroom requires two hours of prep for the sub. I was out of the building for two days, requiring four hours of prep on Tuesday after my normal school hours,. No infographic ever takes prep for a sub into account.
  • Because my students misbehaved with the substitute, I am now required to walk my students to and from their 30-minute lunch break. My lunch break has just been shortened by about 10 minutes.
  • It takes me, in general, two hours to grade one class’ essay assignment. I have five classes. One essay assignment is 10 hours of grading.

You know what? I think I need to learn how to make my own infographic!

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