February 7, 2014



Okay, so my students give me a strange look when I mention Santa Claus but, still, they get the idea.

I found this on Facebook. I laughed as I read it but also it got me wondering… Am I part of the problem?

My students were born in 1999(-ish). They grew up post 9/11. Being patted down, photographed, and touched intimately is part of their travel routine.Facebook has been around for 10 years and they are 13 years old. Their parents have posted their every move since most of them were small children. They drop into an instant pose with a casual smile whenever a camera is pointed at them.  Big Brother has been part of their lives for all of their lives. They have little sense of privacy as I know privacy.

I have a motion detector in my classroom; I have been guilty of telling the students that the motion detector is a camera. I have been guilty of telling them that the document camera is connected to the internet for viewing by administrators.

Cameras are mounted around the building. (Crimes have been foiled by these cameras so I’m not knocking the cameras–they are valuable tools.) We teachers sometimes lie about which fixtures in the building are cameras and which are part of the fire detection system.

Am I part of the problem? Are the lies I have told my students about the cameras and motion detectors the reason why my students define privacy differently than I? Are they now used to the idea of having no privacy at home (Facebook parents), in public (Big Brother), and at school (my document camera)?

Am I teaching the students that Big Brother is everywhere and there is no privacy? Is that my message?

Is Santa Claus related to Big Brother? Should he be

I had privacy growing up. My childhood antics were posted for posterity. Shouldn’t I give my students the same courtesy, the same gift: the gift of growing up without having their mistakes immortalized online.

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