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Small Gratitudes

I’m attending a conference full of teachers. Teachers are grateful for the smallest things. Finding the “over the downtown” express lanes through Austin. Not being at school when a fire drill is scheduled. Getting to sit down to eat lunch. Finding unfamiliar faces who understand what we’re going through and sympathize. Having a lunch which […]

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Justin Bieber has been a large part of middle school life for several years now. The girls love him. The boys hate him. Then we started to hear about the incident in Florida and the fall out began. “He admitted to being drunk,” said one girl as she scanned the headlines online. “He was driving […]

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A Poem from a Teacher Workshop

“I gave you…. “I gave you…. “I gave you….” Do all your gifts come with strings?

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The Announcement

Time: 11:49AM Attention, students! The walkout scheduled for noon has been rescheduled for 4:15. Please update your Instagrams, Facebooks, and Snapchats! If you do it, we’ll catch you! Comments from Students in the Hall at 11:52 Were you going to walk out? Who was going to walk out? Was ______ going to walk out? Why […]

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Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week began back in the 80s with the “Just Say ‘No’ to Drugs” campaign. ┬áPTA sponsors the themes and week. Students learn the dangerous effects of drugs and wear silly outfits to silly themes like “Tie One On for Drugs” where everyone wore a necktie. I had just finished the dangers of marijuana […]

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