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“I’ve Read It, but I Just Don’t Get It: Comprehension Strategies for Struggling Readers”

Summer does not mean the learning is over for teachers. I catch up on my personal reading, professional reading, and professional trainings during the summer. This review of I’ve Read It, But I Just Don’t Get It is an example of how I spend my summers. My district sent me this book because I work […]

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World Book Night 2012

2012 marks the entry of the United States into the World Book Night giveaway. On April 23rd, books were given away around the world to encourage literacy. Publishers from around the world donated bestsellers. Suppliers provided the givers with the books. Givers passed out books to passersby and strangers. World Book Night 2012

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Up the Down Staircase

After looking for this title for years, I finally understand what the title means: Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman. This is my review written for Goodreads. I have found a book to add to my collection of inspiration-to-stay-a-teacher-media; I found it just in time. Even though the book was originally published five years […]

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Lines from “Miracle’s Boys” which Gave us Pause

“Damn,” he whispered. page 106 “You don’t give a damn about anybody but yourself, do you?” page 104 “What the hell were you doing in it?” page 104 “What the hell happened?” page 102 Oddly enough, the 6th grade class didn’t have any issues because, as one student put it, “We know what’s going on, […]

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World Book Night

Dear World Book Night book giver, Yes, you read that right: World Book Night book giver! Has a nice ring to it, yes? And you’re one of them, or will be on April 23! Thank you!!!!!!! I don’t know yet which books I’ll be giving away. I selected three books which appear appropriate for middle […]

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