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Okay, so my students give me a strange look when I mention Santa Claus but, still, they get the idea. I found this on Facebook. I laughed as I read it but also it got me wondering… Am I part of the problem? My students were born in 1999(-ish). They grew up post 9/11. Being […]

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While I enjoy looking at infographics, often the font is too small for me to make any sense of them. (I have severe vision problems.) A friend published this one on her Facebook page. As usual, I have some issues. I don’t earn $49,000 a year despite 15+ years of teaching experience. I’m on campus […]

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A Poem from a Teacher Workshop

“I gave you…. “I gave you…. “I gave you….” Do all your gifts come with strings?

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“Never judge a book by its movie.” — JW Eagan

I have no idea who JW Eagan is. I could probably look him/her up but it might ruin the magic of this quotation for me. Just think of all the times you’ve been disappointed by a movie after having read the book. The scenes never match. The actors do not look like the characters. Favorite […]

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“We’ll be meeting with Steven’s parents this afternoon after school. If you’re available, his parents would like to meet with all the teachers.” I opened up Steven’s composition notebook to check the composition he’d written this afternoon. In 50 minutes, he’d managed to write 23 words. I responded “will attend”. The other teachers were already […]

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