Justin Bieber has been a large part of middle school life for several years now. The girls love him. The boys hate him. Then we started to hear about the incident in Florida and the fall out began. “He admitted to being drunk,” said one girl as she scanned the headlines online. “He was driving […]

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Heart Break #2

“I need to see you, please.” I hesitate. I’m passing out tests. Couldn’t the assistant principal come by later? He motions, again. I ask the students to sharpen their pencils while I go to the door. “I need you to read this.” He hands me a paper. At the top are the words “Pending Alternative […]

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Where Are They?

“Ms. G., you notice how the missing students are all girls and all on the basketball team?” I looked around the classroom. This was normally my fullest class but it was missing about a quarter of the students. “Huh,” I mused aloud. “Well, Daniel and Michaela both have the flu which leaves Erin, Deb, and […]

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“I’m for Sale”

William has a head cold. He is oozing snot. His eyes are bloodshot and puffy. Other students back away from him with his sneezing which he can’t quite catch with his hands, sleeves, or kleenex. He snuffles several times a minute. The nurse has just sent him back to class with a note saying “it’s […]

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“I’ve Never Written an Article Before”

“Ms. G!” It was the end of a very long day when I heard my name being called. My feet hurt but I heard my name called. I turned around and searched the hall. Who had called me? A group of students broke apart and the earnest face of Jim (he was Jimmy last year […]

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