The New Hoodie

I got a surprise in yesterday’s mail from Discovery: a new hoodie!  

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Word of the Day: Astonished

24 hours ago, I was preparing for the Kimbell Event. Two teachers who had planned to attend had to cancel: one teacher’s father had a heart attack on Monday and she was on her way to Oklahoma to be with him; the other teacher had unexpected family pop in on her. I nearly cancelled for […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Come to the Dallas Arboretum Night Photowalk

Support the Dallas Arboretum! Commune with nature Network with some great educators Stress? What stress? Experience a yard you don’t have to mow and a garden you don’t have to weed or water Show some class and look at some glass! Prove that a teacher can have a life outside of the classroom New¬†photos for […]

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Word of the Day: Discombobulated

It did not begin well. Traffic was horrific. I arrived almost late, without breakfast, lacking in caffeine, and flustered. I’d received several e-mails from Region 10 reminding me to bring my own computer for the Day of Discovery. I had carefully packed up my Mac and even brought along a spare extension cord. I spent […]

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We’re a Winner!

On Wednesday, I received word that this very blog had won a DENys award. Wow! I hadn’t even known I was in the running.

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