Where Are They?

“Ms. G., you notice how the missing students are all girls and all on the basketball team?” I looked around the classroom. This was normally my fullest class but it was missing about a quarter of the students. “Huh,” I mused aloud. “Well, Daniel and Michaela both have the flu which leaves Erin, Deb, and […]

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Blogging Webinar

I noticed this afternoon that Discovery would offer a webinar on blogging. I haven’t blogged lately; I’ve been overwhelmed by life. The best solution to the blogging blues is just sitting down to write. If I raced home from school, I ought to make it in time for the webinar. A sign of a good […]

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“What is a Jew?” The question pulled me up short as I walked around the classroom, monitoring students. Several students responded with “yeah!” No one in my 7th grade preAP class knew the definition of Jew. I had just passed out copies of Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank for literature circles.  Obviously we […]

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I live near a major hub (DFW International Airport) so I’m used to having friends and family passing through or laying over and asking if we can get together briefly. Normally, airline travelers are on a time crunch; they have to return to the airport by a certain time. Since I’m charged for parking while […]

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Problems with Technology

I’ve been having technical issues with my blog. Basically, several of my compositions have disappeared into the ether. The tags remain; the title remains; the content is gone. Here is the odd thing: people continue to write nice comments based simply on a title and tags! It’s true that many of these people are based […]

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