Kids’ Quotes: May 6, 2014

“He took my pants.” It was 8:53AM. Students strolled down the halls with their flocks of friends, unafraid of tardies. As they walk along, we teachers stand in the middle and listen to snippets of conversations. This sentence came out of the mouth of a tall sixth grade girl, wearing a light jacket and maroon […]

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Justin Bieber has been a large part of middle school life for several years now. The girls love him. The boys hate him. Then we started to hear about the incident in Florida and the fall out began. “He admitted to being drunk,” said one girl as she scanned the headlines online. “He was driving […]

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Where Are They?

“Ms. G., you notice how the missing students are all girls and all on the basketball team?” I looked around the classroom. This was normally my fullest class but it was missing about a quarter of the students. “Huh,” I mused aloud. “Well, Daniel and Michaela both have the flu which leaves Erin, Deb, and […]

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“In-Crowd” Brands

Brands Popular with Middle Schoolers in 2011-2012 Tom’s Sperry’s Uggs Juicy Couture Coach MissMe Jeans I own none of these. In fact, I don’t know what Tom’s and Sperry’s sell.  

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It’s a Boy!

It’s a boy! “What am I supposed to do, Miss?” Jay asked. “This girl, she gave it to me this morning.” I’d heard rumors that we had a pregnant sixth grader in the building. The baby shower invitation Jay handed me confirmed the rumors. The card was one of those fill-in-the-blank invitations found in packs […]

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