Teacher-Appropriate Baby Shower Gifts

Teachers have babies. Sometimes lots of babies. In 2009, our building of 97 teachers gave birth to 14 babies: one set of triplets, two sets of twins, and the rest were single births–the science department swears they had nothing to do with it. Those of us who weren’t pregnant brought our own water and food to school.

In any case, teachers are expected to give good educational gifts but it’s really tricky finding good baby gifts which the receiver hasn’t already bought for herself! I’m hoping to build a page of gifts no one else has thought of.

I’m an ELA, English Language Arts, teacher. As a department and as individuals, ELA teachers are expected to give books. I don’t have any children of my own to test these books on but these ones have gotten rave reviews and aren’t the typical books (Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, etc.)

If the person is close to me, I’ll add a CD of their favorite band done baby-style. Tip: If you’re selecting music online, listen to a sample before buying the album. Some of the music, in my opinion, can be cloying and drive parents nuts. Driving parents nuts is Baby’s job.

I like to top off my book gifts with a lagniappe, a little gift that isn’t a book. This duck is one of my favorites.

If you have any suggestions, please add them with links in comments. I always need with more ideas!

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