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Just putting this down to focus me on delivering some content for other DEN members.

Tuning back in…

I use Discovery Ed Streaming plenty and will be including a ten-minute component in other tech trainings, but I haven’t been active here in the DEN.I just now added to Teacher Resources  a short video that shares a few ideas on using digital video as a springboard for creative writing, word clouds, concept maps, and–along with PowerPoint–higher-level discussions.The resource is not-so-originally entitled, ‘Integrating Digital Video’. Nothing fancy. Just wanted to share a few ideas.

DiscoveryEd Streaming Integration: Show What You Know


The description states: “Students use video clips as part of a multimedia presentation that illustrates their mastery of a concept learned in class.”

I authored a PowerPoint on primates. Instead of embedding the videos (saves storage space, etc.), I viewed, then inserted, video/clip titles from DiscoveryEd Streaming and added a good chimpanzee sound, which I’m sure will evoke mimicry from your more animated students. Hope this helps.


DiscoveryEd Streaming Integration: KWL Chart on Mars


I chose Mars as my topic. I created this PowerPoint KWL slide and included titles of both the videos and the video clips which helped me fill out the chart. I also used the web for additional information.


DiscoveryEd Streaming Integration: Character Development

Character Development–Use streaming videos to support your lessons on teamwork, cooperation, and conflict resolution. Click on the partial view for a full view of the listings. Just a reminder, I’m using the numbers


Integration Activity: All About Me

Here’s a sample ‘All About Me’ PowerPoint you can share with your students. I didn’t elaborate much, so it can serve as a decent springboard for a discussion of, ‘How could this author have improved this project?’.


iMovie delirium


I’m working on the unitedstreaming integration activity #19–creating a montage of video segments to…’Set the Stage for the Week Ahead’. For the first time, I’m diving into iMovie on my Mac at home. Lots of fun and so easy to forget I’m supposed to be ‘educating’ and not playing. I even missed some of an NCAA Final Four semi-final game. Now that’s serious stuff. More later.

Writing Prompt Builder and Journaling: Integration Activity #3

I’ve attached a Word document explaining my process. Hope it helps. And by all means tell me if there are gaps and gaffes.


Finally! Some progress! Integration activities #1 and 2

I’ve put together samples of the first two DiscoveryEducation Streaming Integration activities. So far, I’m going in order. We’ll see if I can stay that focused.

I had uploaded the samples, but then decided most DEN folks may not be interested in accessing them. I will be compiling them for my district staff in case they’d like to use them as basic (very basic) models for themselves or their students.

If anyone IS interested, I’ll be glad to send them. You can drop me a comment or email me at

Activity #1: Multimedia Presentations (embedding videos in PowerPoint)

I actually enjoyed using four DEStreaming still images for my habitats title page. And I was pleased the tundra and desert video clips played seamlessly in the PowerPoint.

Activity #2: Supporting Resource (watching full-length videos to support a classroom lesson). I chose geometry as my subject. Because the three videos I chose were each almost an hour long, I’d still stick with video clips. I also included one of the DEStreaming supplied lesson plans.

Coming up…Journaling (using the Writing Prompts feature).

A slow start…


Whoa! It’s been almost a week since I threw out that personal challenge and I’ve completed none of the Discovery Education Streaming integration activities. So I decided it was time to dig into my closet for some ‘old technology’.

By the way, here’s a book recommendation: Jump Start Your Brain by Doug Hall.

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