Please Help Us Meet the Mythbusters!

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Hi All,

One of my fifth grade teachers and I are finalists in the “Bust-a-Myth” Video Challenge. Students used Discovery Education content and tools to investigate a popular science myth (Will cola clean a penny? Discolor a tooth? Dissolve a steak?). We are the ONLY elementary school competing in this event! We need VOTES to win.

We need to get the VOTE out by MAY 27TH – YOU can HELP us by voting for Lisa Warden’s Class (one vote each day): go to

In addition, if you have a Facebook account you can visit, choose “Bust-a-Myth” Video Challenge in the sidebar and vote for us there.

Please invite colleagues, friends and family to vote also!

Many thanks for voting–
Heather – VA LC Chair

Discovery Student Adventures Program

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A virtual drum roll please… We are thrilled to officially open the
application process for the Discovery Student Adventures Pilot Program.

Join us as we discover more of our incredible planet earth together with
adventure trips to Australia, South Africa, and China. In order to
participate in this pilot trip, you must be a STAR Discovery Educator.
Not only are you able to take part in this once in a lifetime
opportunity, each STAR selected will be able to choose four of their
students to join them on the adventure! This is at no cost to you or
your students!

So with no further ado… here’s the official wording and post importantly
the link to apply….

Click here to read more!

EngineerGirl! – Imagine That! Engineering Innovation Essay Contest

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You can find the guidelines and related information about the contest on the EngineerGirl website

PROMPT: Have you ever wondered what goes through an engineer’s mind when she is designing a new product? It takes creativity as well as attention to details and design requirements. Often engineers will use an object as an example and then make improvements for safety, function, or attractiveness. Sometimes a design works best when it is simple, and other times it requires complicated calculations. Try your hand at evaluating your own engineering product. Start by choosing one of the three images below (on webpage). Then think about the object in the picture:

  • What is it? What do you think it might be used for?
  • What are the most important features of the design?
  • What was the engineer’s role in making this product and what engineering principles were used?

Who Can Enter?
The contest is open to individual girls and boys in each of three categories (Choose your category by grade level unless you are unsure of your grade.):

Ages 8-11 – 3rd grade to 5th grade

Ages 12-14 – 6th grade to 8th grade

Ages 15-18 – 9th grade to 12th grade

When Is the Deadline?
Entries must be received by 6:00 p.m. (EST) on March 1, 2009.