Having a Great Time at NECC

Filed Under (NECC) by Heather Hurley on 01-07-2008

NECC has been busy but a lot of fun. Over the weekend I got to meet all of my JHU/ISTE graduate cohort. We are going to be working hard but we’ll definitely learn a lot. Hall Davidson spoke to us about Digital Natives. He was as entertaining as ever.


My colleagues and I have also been having a great time enjoying the San Antonio nightlife and food.


Second Life and NECC

Filed Under (NECC) by Heather Hurley on 06-06-2008

s.l. badge

I received the following message about getting a cool name badge for NECC. Follow the link below to get your own S.L. badge.

If you are attending NECC and would like a  Second Life Name Badge, please click here. The badges will be available on Sunday at the Second Life Lounge.  After Sunday, they can be picked up at ISTE Central.