Summertime Learning

Hello and welcome. This is my initial blog post using the Discovery Education Blogs. This will be my professional ‘Blog Home’ for this year and I look forward to posting tips, teaching ideas, and technology support that I pick up through my Professional Learning Network and from active classroom teachers.

So, it’s 4am and there is a hoot owl outside my window. I’ve heard him out there off and on during the last year. I’ve never seen him, but he (or she) sounds like a substantial hoot, uh, owl. A lot of the blogs I follow are like that owl. I hear or read them occasionally but have no idea what the author looks like or who they are. I recently had the opportunity to meet some of my owls this summer at the National Educational Computing Conference or at a Discovery Education National Institute.

Both NECC and the DEN Institute provided learning experiences and technology tools that can have a great impact on the educational technology support I provide to my campuses and teachers. But they also gave me a chance to get face to face with extremely talented educators who successfully implement technology as a part of the student learning process. There were some who were great with blogging, some with integration ideas. Some shared a tool or web resource I hadn’t seen before and others used ‘old’ tools in great new ways.

The face to face was great because we could go deeper into the conversation that we could online. But when you realize that the person you are talking to is the ‘smeech‘ or ‘glad2be‘ or ‘shoemap‘ that you have been reading and responding to online, it’s like you finally get to see the wise owl you’ve been listening to for over a year. I learn much from my network of learners and look forward to sharing much of that with my teachers and students here in Austin.

Welcome to my blog and I hope to hear you hoot sometime in the future.

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  1. Tracy Standhart Says:

    I’ll give you the first hoot ( and WOOT) ! It was great to meet you at the DEN LCI. Hope all is well after the hurricane.

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