The Austin DOD Was A Success!

Austin’s Day Of Discovery!

We had a great time on the 6th with Justin Karkow from Discovery Education. Over 50 teachers came from all around to spend the day learning how rich media can have a positive impact on the classroom curriculum. Teachers were shown how to better utilize the powerful tools in Discovery Streaming to enrich their daily teaching. They saw great examples of using PhotoStory, MovieMaker, iPhoto, and iMovie to tell meaningful digital stories that could enhance delivery of language lessons as well as be a platform for meaningful student products. Teachers were able to practice the different ways to embed audio and video media into Powerpoint presentations. And they were presented with 50 ways to use Discovery Streaming in their classroom as well.

The entertaining sessions, the great BarBQue, and the wonderful opportunity to talk with other educators and share ideas all made for a great day.  We are already looking forward to getting back together in Austin for more fun soon.

Many thanks to Discovery Education for supporting this fun quality time for teachers.

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