Last Year’s Film Festival

Using film in the class has been used since the media club knew how to roll the projector down the hall and thread film. Fortunately, through AFI and DEN institutes, teachers are learning how to actively use video as a teaching tool and as a student product tool. Using video with students can be the passive activities like just watching and discussing, hands on opportunities to embed into their digital products, or really hands on by creating their own video products.

In Austin, we will be in out 8th year of sharing student video products in our Austin Student Digital Film Festival. The purpose from the beginning was to share what teachers are doing in the classroom so that we can learn from and celebrate each other’s efforts. There have been some very high-quality films presented and a lot of, um, lesser-quality film as well. The great thing is that we are seeing that students are using video to tell their stories and actually use for class products as well.

We are looking forward to another great festival this year on May 30th. It is purposefully as late in the year as possible to allow for more films and to give the requested cushion around state testing. (Many administrators still see testing practice as a higher priority than applied student learning.) Below is the promo we created to showcase some of last year’s student work. Enjoy!

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