First Impressions of iLife 09 Facial Recognition

Well, I finally got my copy of iLife09 installed and thought I’d share my first impressions. After an easy install and restart, iPhoto came up pretty quickly.

The first slow down was the indexing of facial recognition. After waiting over an hour for the 10,400 photos to index, I got tired of waiting and went to bed.  In the morning, my first attempt to use the facial recognition froze up my computer. (Honestly, I was starting up Fireworks, running email client, and hit the ‘Names’ button in iPhoto.)  I restarted and things started working much better.

You have to select a picture, hit the name button, and the software looks for faces. I selected a few of my photos and a few of the wife.  iPhoto quickly recognized Amy, but for some reason, I kept coming up as ‘unknown face’.   *Insert ‘He has a forgettable face’ joke here.*

When it makes a suggestion, it gives you a question mark to confirm that it is who they think it is.


I eventually got lucky and it recognized me a couple of times. After selecting my kids, known to the internet as Mancub1 and Mancub2, it worked a little better.  Usually, they would be guessed fairly accurately.

Being that Mancub 1 and 2 are related and share facial features, there were a few times where it would pull Mancub2’s picture and suggest that it was Mancub1. Don’t tell him, but iPhoto thinks he was his younger sister in this photo.


Slowly it became more accurate.








 Not telling me anything that I didn’t already know, sometimes my kids are just not too recognizable.   This photo was pulled up after a good number of face matches with them.  I’m not sure how it would screw up the guessing power of iPhoto if said that the twisted mugs and funny faces were the same person. I left these as unknown.








I kept going and starting finding a few humorous selections.

In this photo, iPhoto didn’t pick up Mancub2 in the top right, but thought the blank space beside her was Mancub1.  There were more than a few times where a small picture within my photo was picked up as a known face.








I sometimes feel that God is watching over me, and I think iPhoto saw something that I didn’t.  A co-worker pointed out that there was a cross in the ceiling over the third unknown face.  Hmmm.







 And my personal favorite, much like finding the Virgin Mary in a loaf of bread, iPhoto will probably find some other great miracles in some of my photos.

 Well, I’m off to look at the new iMovie. I have great hopes that it will be the mix of iMovieHD6 and iMovie08 that I really want for my classrooms.


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