About The Author

Howard J Martin

Welcome to my blog. I am an Instructional Technology Facilitator in Austin, Texas with Austin Independent School District. As a classroom teacher for 12 years, I used technology in many ways to teach the curriculum and meet the needs of my students. As a Facilitator, I’ve learned many new tools and integration ideas and enjoy sharing those with teachers.

I work to share whatever training my teachers need for themselves or their classroom. I’ve worked with campuses to train teachers on how to effectively manage instruction in the computer lab, how to use their current software to meet curriculum standards, among other staff trainings. I have enjoyed working with teachers to setup blogging and wiki accounts for their students to use. I have presented numerous workshop on digital video creation on Macs and PCs and also using the American Film Institute’s video curriculum.

Much of my work with blogging can be found at: classroomblogging.wordpress.com.

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