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This seems to be a backward move to make, not listing websites in a bookmark list, but the early morning thought here was not throw a bunch of links on this blog’s blogroll. The blogroll will begin to populate with professionally useful links to people or sites that would benefit teachers. I’m going to try to not just link the blogroll to the big-name guys that everyone else hits, but be a bit more choosey.

That said, throwing tons of web links with my real people links would be counter-productive. So, this page is dedicated to a list of some of the hundreds of web 2.0 tools. I will try to only post sites that I have used or tried and will make the effort to group them by category. But there is so much cross-over between the tools, you will have to forgive me if you see my categorization to be different that what yours would be.

Music (stations)

  • Slacker.com – my favorite because it plays only artists you select
  • Jango – Free Music – Internet Radio
  • Pandora – plays artists you select, but mostly artist LIKE the ones you selected



Graphics Creation

Data Collection

  • icebrrg– Create forms online and manage collection
  • polleverywhere – Use cell phones and sms texting to gather data

Video/ Web Publishing

  • Vimeo, Video Sharing
  • Hulu – Video collections online
  • Riffly– Embedding video into blog posts and comments
  • vuvox – Publishing video, photo, audio, slideshows
  • jing -Captures images or videos and shares across internet
  • zamzar – Online file conversion

Research/Writing Tools

  • Zotero: The Next-Generation Research Tool
  • kwout – A brilliant way to quote
  • Gobbler – Yahoo tool for grabbing text and graphics off of webpages


  • Jott – Use cell phone to leave voice/SMS/online calendar messages for you and others
  • dial2do – Um, pretty much same as Jott

3 Responses to “Web 2.0 Tools”

  1. Kristi Veitenheimer Says:

    Thanks for the resources.

    Another cool resource is http://www.simpsonizeme.com. You upload a headshot photo and it makes a “simpson” type cartoon character for you. Cute to use as an avatar type picture.

    Another resource I like is wordle.net. It’s a great tool for visual language representations. Check it out.

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