DEN Virt Con at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

DEN conference at DMNS

This past Saturday at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, we had bunch of educators attending the Virtual Conference.  It started off with an outstanding breakfast:  eggs, pastries, bacon, I think there was fruit too…but who eats healthy when your at a conference?? In addition to that, the tables were stacked with candy…like tons of candy!  Nice job Lindsey on orchestrating the whole day.  After viewing one of the first segments of the Virt. Con., we got into some digital story telling.  We were introduced to some popular technologies like Blabberize and Animoto, we also got a presentation from a guy from Tech4Learning.  Sorry, I don’t remember his name.  Then we really got crazy.  We had an all out IronDen photosynthesis digital story telling challenge with a pig as the main attraction.  Now personally I thought the judging was a little off (since my team did not win), but  everyone put out some great displays of digitally telling what photosynthesis is.  It doesn’t matter that we didn’t win, because Lindsay hooked me up with a sweet Chef’s Apron with a chef’s hat that was decked out with the IronDen logo.  There were also some participants that won some cool prizes like software from Tech4 Learning, astronaut cut-outs, and other Discovery gifts.   All in all it was a great day and it will be great to see what the Colorado  LC has in store next!

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