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Let Your Geek Flag Fly: ISTE11

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As I prepared for my first ISTE conference, I had WAY too many questions swimming through my head. Did I pack all my chargers? Can I camouflage my power strip? Should I clean up my Twitterfeed? Do I really have to print all those Event Brite tickets? Am I starting the Double Dream Hands too early?

Not sure when it happened, but I realized that I had missed the boat on the most important part of the conference. What sessions should I be attending? In all the excitement of planning and networking, I completely forgot about the whole point of the conference…I had overlooked the most important part of what ISTE has to offer! The nation’s best and brightest in the EdTech community are gathering in Philadelphia, giving me the opportunity to have conversations and hear innovative ideas for technology integration in education. That is “it,” isn’t it?

I took the time to re-read a blog post for ISTE newbies by Steve Dembo, which helped me to focus. I put away my double dream hands and went back to the ISTE website to do some conference pre-planning. After jotting down some notes on my phone, I downloaded the conference’s mobile guide to my iPad and Droid, and made a mental note to talk through a few things with my conference-veteran friends. Then I took time to filter through emails and plug events and locations into my Google Calendar. If I’m already this overwhelmed and still at home, I can only imagine what I’ll feel like once my feet hit the convention center floor.

I’m looking forward to my first ISTE experience. My goal is to write a blog post each day to reflect on events and information. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ll hit information overload, but with a little help from my (edugeek) friends, I know I’ll appreciate every minute of it.

Now it’s time to let my geek flag fly.

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