Mar 18

Thanks to those who attended my presentation! Here is the slideshow.  If you need more info, feel free to contact me.

Mar 19

Below is the file that I referenced in my MACUL 2009 presentation.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Google Earth Tips and Tricks

Mar 11

Day 1** of 180

Looking at the RSS feed from CNN today alerted me to a new bill in California that might make it illegal for Google to offer it’s Google Earth product in its current form!  The bill wants all companies who provide interactive satellite imaging to blur schools and other government buildings…

The article can be found here.

Leave a comment, and let me know what you think about this!

Feb 23

Day ?? of 180

Found this intersting article on CNN regarding a slave who was a spy for the Union during the Civil War.

Click here for the article.

Feb 03

Day 88 of 180

For those of us addicted to Skype, the day has finally come when they have released another update!  Here is a link to a summary blog post from Zdnet.  From the sounds of the review, they have addressed the major issues that plagued teachers who used the program with their students.

I haven’t had a chance to look at this new version yet, but as I do, I will definately post my observations!  Have fun Skypeing!

Jan 26

Day 81 of 180

Well, after an exhausting week of report cards and semester ending stuff, I finally am able to put up an update.

I was checking around the web the day of the inauguration, and noticed that no sooner had President Obama taken the oath, that the website experienced a MAJOR face-lift!

This new page features a blog, and other “new” common features that bring the White House page into the present.  You can even sign up for e-mail updates from the White House!!

If you haven’t had a chance to check this out, I HIGHLY recommend that you do!

Jan 20

Day 78 of 180

 To commemorate this historic day, I thought I would repost my links to resources for the inauguration.  

Links to live video streams

 Links for information about Barack Obama

Link to the official inauguration site.

Have a great day!

Jan 13

Day 76 & 77 of 180

To make up for the lack of a post yesterday, I thought I would share three resources for viewing streaming video of the Presidential Inaguration on January 20t, at noon.

Link one: C-SPAN

Link two:  NBC News Chicago

Link three: CNN (When you go to their site, there will be a link flashing “live” that you click on to view the event.)

It is important to have all three ready for use if you want to view it with your class because there is going to be extremely high demand for the feed, and one site may work faster for you than another.

Have a great day!

Jan 09

Day 75 of 180

In our ever changing virtual society, there are new websites posted by the minute.  Usually, most of these websites fall into obscurity, never to be seen by the masses.  But, I have discovered an amazing website that should be viewed by all parents, teachers, and students.  It is called is a virtual world created specifically for children.  One of their main purposes in developing the site was to allow students to immerse themselves in a virtual world that was safe to explore.  They have created a space for all students to log in, and feel safe from the outset.  Many safety mechanisms have been implemented into the program to ensure that the community is always safe.  One of the rare things that they do is use human moderation.  All things posted to the internal message boards are human moderated before they are published for all to see.

They also built a tremendous amount of educational material into the world as well.  While the kids are exploring, they are learning.  The site is set up to allow the students to choose which path they want to take that day.  They could opt to create a new story, or a new toy or they could decide to go on a quest.  The quests are all based on books, and immerse the kids into the actual storyline.

The developers also built in addictive educational games in the world.  Students who have seen the games are very curious about where they can be found, and want to play them.  I am a firm believer that all students are aware of how to use a computer for gaming, so why not insert educational content into the games.

There are too many amazing features of this site to include in just one post.  I intend to continue discovering more new things, and to post them as I find them.  For those who have read all the prior posts this week, I apologize for drifting away from the inauguration theme.  I just had to share this site, as I am very excited about it.

In summary, go check out!

Jan 08

Day 74 of 180

I was looking around the net and came up with this site that has a history of Barack Obama on it.  It is very well written, and a good resource for basic information.  It contains a lot of biographical facts.

Click here for the site!

Have a great day!