Jun 17

Our district has just added Discovery Science for all elementary schools.¬†I just¬†attended a workshop introducing this. In the school year just finished I played with this a little with my students, thanks to the 90 day free trial I received from Discovery during teacher appreciation week. They thought it was “totally cool,” and so did I, so I was excited to learn more about it.

After spending an afternoon at training, I’m thinking that we won’t need the science textbook this year. I can see teaching all the content just from this fabulous sight. With its mix of videos, e-books, reading passages, virtual labs, and more, Discovery Science is going to make teaching and learning science an engaging activity this year. Combined with lots of great AIMS activities I believe I’m going to see my third graders make real progress this year. I had already written my professional development goal for 2009 – 2010 in the area of science, and now I’ve been handed an excellent tool.

May 24

At the end of the year there are so many files to back up. Dropbox provides you with 2GB of free online storage, and it is so easy to use. Once you register you can put the folder on your desktop and just drag in the files you want to store. Referring a friend to Dropbox can earn you more free storage space, or you can pay a monthly fee to add to your amount.

Once you have an account, you will be able to access the stored files from any computer. This is a great help to the busy teacher who is working both at home and school!