To Wyoming and Back…

Tavel tip…if you ever get a chance to visit Caper WY, GO!  What a beautiful part of the world!  A special thanks to Kevin Pagett, Dave Herman and the entire Natrona team for being such gracious hosts last week! Candace and I enjoyed meeting with representatives from your schools last week and appreciated your questions and your comments. Here is the powerpoint that I shared with you last week and a couple of other resources that will help you as you explore. For other tips and tricks, be sure to visit the professional development resources in streaming and the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). Also, don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help you in any way.

50 Ways to Integrate Discovery Education streaming

Passcode Flyer

Discovery Education: Getting Started…a site that will help you and your school get up and running fast!

DEN LC Institute Members Featured in Education Week

boom-015.jpgAs if having a fantastic week wasn’t enough, the DEN Leadership Council team from the LC Institute in Silver Spring are now enjoying a moment in the ed tech spotlight.  Featured in the Sep 10 issue of Education Week (Sep 5 online), the crew’s infectious enthusiasm spilled over onto the pages as they shared highligts from their week at One Discovery Place.  Check it out!

Stream-a Thon 2008: Not 1…Not 2…But 12 Hours of Fun!!


That’s right!!  Back by popular request, the third annual Streamathon is coming your way on September 23rd, from 9AM EDT until 9PM EDT.  The whole crew…Hall Davidson, Lance Rougeux, Steve Dembo and the DEN Account Managers…will be sharing a series of “WOW!  I didn’t know that I could do that!”-packed sessions on how to integrate the newest online technologies used by today’s media-savvy students into classroom instruction.  SESSIONS WILL FILL UP FAST, so be sure to get some rest, stock up on your energy drink of choice and register today!!