Region 1 Day of Discovery (Edinburg TX)


We had the perfect recipe for fun on Saturday for the Region 1 Day of Discovery including a full room, paper cow patties, ideas…ideas…and more ideas, playdough, and a crew keeping an eye on the TX/KS game for us! Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than this. On behalf of Linda, Brad and myself, we wanted to thank you for joining us! Your ideas, comments, and energy made for a wonderful Saturday. Thanks again to Maria Elena Ovalle and team for all that you did to make our time together a success. I’ve attached the files for you to download below. I will be adding Brad and Linda’s presentations shortly. Happy streaming!!

The Builders, Brick by Brick

Becoming a STAR Discovery Educator

Movie Maker Instructions

Photo Story 3 Instructions

Don’t forget…there are many more resources in professional development and in the Discovery Educator Network!

kingcrabfinal1.jpgWe’re TWO WEEKS away from the close of the fall DENliest Catch fishing season and here’s the scoop.  Our boat, “Center of Attention,” is rocking and rolling with a whopping 100 new STARs in the central region!  This is WONDERFUL!  We’re on our way, but there is some VERY close competition that we are up against.  Bottom line, if you’ve got lines in the water, reel them in!  We’re looking forward to welcoming your new STARs on board!  If you’ve already recruited your STAR, be sure to report your catch today!  We don’t want you to miss out on your prize and the chance to be a part of the winning boat!

In case you were wondering about the “KING/QUEEN CRAB” competition, we’ve got a few front runners, but there is still time earn your crown!  Here are the STARs who are in the lead (in no particular order):

Kim Haresnape, TX
Erin Misegadis, KS
Alicia Eslinger, ND