ETV Summer Conference

I am not sure what is cooler: sharing ten of my favorite websites with South Carolina educators or doing it in a television studio surrounded by cameras, lights and air tight doors!  For those of you who enjoyed this venue with me this week, it was a pleasure meeting you and passing along some of the DEN’s favorite Web 2.0 sites.  As promised, you can click here for a copy of the presentation that I shared with you.  Happy exploring!

2 thoughts on “ETV Summer Conference

  1. Justin your session was great. I learned so many Web 2.0 tools in the workshop. I will be sharing your great ideas with the teachers at my school.
    Letia Cooper
    IT Coach
    Beaufort County, SC

  2. JK

    Very good stuff yesterday.

    I was able to paste an html blabberize character on my webpage, but I can’t figure out how to download it on my computer in a usable format. (I want to insert in a Win MM project.) I was able to download an FLV file that only included the audio. Media-covert doesn’t seem to be able to figure it out either.

    Let me know what I’m missing…



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